Blackjack fans take note: win big for chasing consecutive blackjacks on Guts

Of all the table games found in casinos, one has a popularity others can’t seem to touch. This game is blackjack, an easy-to-learn card game with a thin house edge that players will spend hours enjoying.

With the house handcuffed to a set of rules it must follow, players are free to hit or stand as they please; however, there is only one way to guarantee victory – make a score of 21, or a blackjack.

If you have the stones to chase this number, Guts Casino has a promotion this month that will be of great interest to you – Blackjack Boost.

How does this promotion work?

Those who play Live Blackjack Evolution between the hours of 6:01 pm EDT Tuesday and 5:59 pm EDT on Wednesday until August 29th at 5:59:59 pm EDT will be eligible to earn a cash prize for hitting consecutive blackjacks.

If you manage to nail two in a row, you’ll win $20. Do it three times, and your total take will be $30. Do it up to five times in a row, and you could walk away with an extra $50 in your pocket in addition to your regular winnings.

Have fun with this contest – we wish you nothing but the best of luck at the live casino blackjack tables this August!

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