Best Online Betting Sites For UFC Canada 2019

Are you looking for the best UFC sports betting sites in Canada? For a summary of all the UFC betting bonuses, see the list below. There you'll find the best free bets and other promotions available currently at Canadian-friendly online betting sites. Take advantage of the promotions and make online betting on UFC more exciting than ever!

Mobile betting is quick and easy on all the online casino sites we've listed below. For example, LeoVegas is a perfect casino site for mobile betting. Note that online casino site doesn't have to be Canadian, as long as the casino is allowed to accept customers from Canada by law.

Are you looking for the best UFC sports betting sites in Canada? For a summary of all the UFC betting bonuses, see the list below. There you'll find the best free bets and other promotions available currently at Canadian-friendly online betting sites. Take advantage of the promotions and make online betting on UFC more exciting than ever!

Mobile betting is quick and easy on all the online casino sites we've listed below. For example, LeoVegas is a perfect casino site for mobile betting. Note that online casino site doesn't have to be Canadian, as long as the casino is allowed to accept customers from Canada by law.

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UFC Sportsbook Of The Month October 2019

100% Deposit Bonus up to $300
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Best UFC Betting Sites 2019

888 Sport
Deposit $20, Bet $40
  • 1.5 minimum odds to count against the wagering requirement
  • Get a maximum deposit bonus of $200 on your 1st deposit
Interac Interac + 6 more ways to deposit
Spin Sports
$200 UFC Free Bet
  • The biggest free bet offer in Canada
  • In addition to UFC, bet on every major sport like NHL, NBA and NFL
Visa Visa + 6 more ways to deposit
22 Bet
100% Welcome Bonus up to $300
  • Real time UFC betting 24/7
  • $10 minimum deposit
Interac Interac + 4 more ways to deposit
Deposit $100 and Get an Extra $100
  • Quality sportsbook & a great casino
  • Just like Betway, they offer free bets for UFC as long as you’ve registered & deposited at least once
Interac Interac + 5 more ways to deposit
Deposit $100, Bet $200 on UFC
  • $20 minimum to claim 100% match bonus
  • If you like casino, you can spin the Wheel of Rizk for free and get at least 10 free spins - no deposit!
Interac Interac + 5 more ways to deposit
Get 2 $10 UFC Free Bets
  • Wager $20 in total to get your free bets
  • Deposit instantly with Visa / Mastercard, cash outs processed quickly
Interac Interac + 7 more ways to deposit

UFC Betting Site for Canadians

Starting all the way back in the early days of UFC fight nights with the likes of Gary Goodridge and (a little later) Carlos Newton, Canada has produced many of the worlds finest mixed martial arts fighters. The current Zuffa era has seen many Canuck top-level fighters from Rory MacDonald to the living legend Georges St-Pierre. It’s no wonder UFC betting is extremely popular in Canada, and we’re not hurting for excellent sites to put money on the line.

You can see the whole selection of’s recommended Canadian UFC betting sites above. Each online casino site supports Canadian banking methods like Interac and eChecks for depositing and withdrawing money and you can, of course, bet in Canadian dollars – or even in Bitcoin. Most online casinos allow you to deposit with credit card. Note that, sometimes you might have to upload proof of identity before you can deposit with credit card.

UFC Betting App

Where you can get a UFC betting app for Android or iPhone? The surprising answer is that you don’t need an app for UFC betting. Not needing an app is great, because neither Canadian Google Play nor App Store carry real-money gambling apps.

Instead of trying to find a real-money UFC betting app, sign up at a online betting site. Mobile betting is fast and easy with your phone (Android, iPhone) at all the betting sites we’ve listed above. Nowadays, online sports book sites are designed to work on phones. Customers want quick access to betting and that has driven casino sites to optimize their casino site’s mobile version.

Best Online UFC Sportsbook

The best online sportsbook for UFC betting is Leo Vegas.

There’s literally hundreds of online casinos where you can bet on any sport under the sun. Leo Vegas is leader of this huge pack thanks to four things:

  • Perfect on mobile: bet with ease on your phone
  • Excellent bonuses: get more money to bet with
  • Highest odds: excellent odds on every fight
  • Bet on anything: not just UFC but a great place to bet on Bellator, Rizin, NHL or soccer. Even NFL betting is possible.

You can read a more in-depth description of this excellent betting site for Canadians at our Leo Vegas page.

kron gracie ufc betting

Many larger betting sites, like Leo Vegas or Betway (pictured), offer you a chance to “cash out” your bet before the fight – handy if you get second thoughts & sometimes you can cash out for guaranteed profit if the odds have moved your way


Many online sportsbooks run UFC specific campaigns during the run-up to biggest UFC and MMA events matches. Typical fight nights include a heavyweight championship bout or any time a hot fighter (like Conor McGregor or Jon Jones) steps into the octagon. These top martial art events attrach significantly more viewers than normal events. Also MMA gambling is a lot more popular for such fights.

Typical campaign offerings include:

  • Free bets – typically $10 to $25
  • Risk free bets – get your money back if the fighter you wagered on loses
  • Welcome Bonus and/or Deposit bonuses – get extra cash to gamble with

These promotions are always worth taking advantage of. While they don’t make you Dana White rich (the dude’s loaded), they’ll definitely boost your bankroll in the long run and make watching each pay per view on Fight Pass that much more exciting.

Most betting sign-up bonuses can also be used to bet on UFC. Note that welcome bonuses might carry some kind of wagering requirements.

UFC Betting Guide

Odds Explained

There are three popular ways of showing odds for a UFC betting pick:

  • Moneyline (“American”)
  • Decimal (“European”)
  • Fractional (“British”)

When you bet on UFC on a betting website, each sports book lets you choose which format you’d like to see. The simplest one to understand is the decimal odds system, but the other ones aren’t impossible either.

Before an example, a quick explanation of how to read UFC betting odds:

  • Moneyline: If the number starts with a minus, bet this much to win $100. If the number starts with a +, this is how much extra you win if you bet $100
  • Fractional: If your bet wins, you get your original stake back + your stake times the fractions shown
  • Decimal: If your bet wins, your wager is multiplied by this number

Confused yet? No worries. Here we have simplified how sports betting works:

UFC betting odds explained

Moneyline, decimal and fractional odds for the same UFC MMA betting target

  • Moneyline: Woodley -175 Usman +130
    Bet $175 on Woodley to win $100 (you get $275 back)
    Bet $100 on Usman to get $100 (you get $230 back)
  • Fractional: Woodley 4/7 Usman 13/10
    Bet $100 on Woodley to win $100 + 4/7 * $100 = $157
    Bet $100 on Usman to win $100 + 13/10 * $100 = $230
  • Decimal: Woodley 1.57 Usman 2.30
    Bet $100 on Woodley to win $100 * 1.57 = $157
    Bet $100 on Usman to win $100 * 2.30 = $230

See how the decimal system is the easiest odds type to understand? I can calculate $100 * 1.57 in my head. However, ask me to do $100 * 4/7 and all you’ll get is a confused look on my face. Especially, if you are not familiar with American odds system, you probably need some kind of betting tools. Typically, the decimal system is always used when betting on team sports like NFL, eSports and NHL, but it’s a good fit for fighting too.

Another thing worth noting is that yes, the odds are always the same whatever the system used to show them. In the above example the money line odds return $275 with a $175 bet, so it’s the exact same as decimal odds: 275/175 = 1.57.

There are some betting tools available if you want to compare these formats. Luckily, sportsbetting sites almost always directly give you the odds on your bet on your bet slip.

UFC betting options

Like on any other sports, there are many things you can make a bet on UFC fights. UFC betting online is relatively new thing. Betting market has massive potential for online casinos if the sport becomes more popular.

Betting on the winner gets the most online gambling volume on UFC fight nights. You simply bet on the fights winner (or in some cases, draw) of the match with the odds given by your online casino site. There are plenty of bet types and prop bets available. For example, you can also bet on the method of victory prop or totals round. These sort of UFC betting pick are great if you want to bet something else than the winner of the fight.

There are several defining factors when deciding what to bet on UFC. First, you need to check martial art fighters odds to win. That will determine all the other betting lines as well. Sometimes it could be a good idea to include various diffent types bet types into your bet slip. Remember that MMA gambling is challenging betting market for online gambling. We suggest to use your rationale and don’t always believe what you read on betting previews, especially if you read them on betting sites, as they are likely to trying to change to course of the betting market.

Let’s take a look at some UFC betting tips below:

UFC Betting Tips

While “styles make fights” and each UFC match has to be analysed individually, there are three good MMA betting tips you can always keep in mind when betting on the next major events. These tips have to do with how sportsbooks operate, how European fighters aren’t all they’re hyped (except Conor McGregor) to be and how you can get extra betting money by taking advantage of gambling promotions. Note that, same kind of logic can be applied to MMA betting you would use on ice hockey or Premier League, for example.

Bet on the less popular fighter

It’s no secret that either/or types of bets tend to take in the most money to the more popular team or athlete. This effect has nothing to do with odds. It’s just that people like to bet on their favourite teams and athletes. For sportsbooks, this is slightly problematic since they’d like it if people bet both sides equally.

So what does any of this have to do with UFC? It means that when a popular fighter is fighting, people want that him/her wins the fight. To avoid taking in too much money just on one side of the fight, the gambling site is going to be forced to inflate the other fighter’s odds to win. This is your chance – identify a popular fighter you think has a realistic chance of losing and bet against him/her. You’ll get excellent, inflated odds and in the long run. You’ll turn a tidy profit because of these twisted betting lines on this type of UFC betting pick against the masses is not that common.

Bet against Europeans

While Europe has produced good martial art fighters, like Alexander Gustafsson or the former champ Michael Bisping, Europe is still way behind North America when it comes to fighting. European fighters tend to especially lack in wrestling, which makes it difficult for them to win fights on points.

Keep this in mind the next time you see a heavily hyped European fighter coming up from a regional organization to UFC. While they may have dominated at the old continent, there’s no guarantee their skills match up to their North American counterparts on martial arts quite yet.

When checking the upcoming fights, we suggest you to read some betting previews from top rated websites. Especially before major events such as Ultimate Fighting Championship or other top MMA events. That gives you first impression which fighter is the more hyped one for that particular fight night. Remember that any big rumour might alter the betting so the timing is important factor in online gambling, too.

Note that most often the experts pick the favourite to win in these betting previews. Because of that, you can spot various distortions in betting odds when one of the fighters is hyped too much. Specially those who follow the sport more can make some very profitable bets on these top rated MMA events.

UFC Sports

Martial art is extremely entertaining sport. It is fast paced, tough and a technically challenging sport. For example, when comparing to Stanley Cup winning ice hockey players that have become legends in their sport, there are not many fighters people on the streets can name. Conor McGregor is one of the few universally known UFC fighters. Maybe Jon Jones could be another one.

When watching the MMA fight, you can check the live betting odds online. First, if you like what you see from one of the fighters, check the betting odds online. Then, you can take advantage of your knowledge of the sport and turn it into real money profit. Mixed martial arts is less known by the average person, so if you watch the sport a lot, you probably can trust you instict when comparing MMA betting options such as totals round or other prop bets. Usually, there are numerous UFC and MMA bets available.

Real money UFC betting online can be very profitable in sports you have some insight. Just like we mentioned earlier, online gambling and sports betting is all about figuring out what tendencies the massas have. For example, if popular UFC betting tendencies are similar to other sports (which we assume they do!), then you can probably find some similarities with Premier League, La Liga, Liga MX and especially with Super Bowl or Kentucky Derby. People really like to bet on the favourite. Unless they don’t particularly like the athlete/team (looking at you Conor McGregor and New England Patriots)

Take advantage of UFC bonuses & promo codes

The best strategy for winning in online betting is to take advantage of bonuses. A good UFC betting bonus makes your life a lot easier. Bet on the UFC has become more popular since UFC on ESPN happened. This relatively new sport hasn’t quite yet broke in the big scenes. But sports interactions have gained some ground, so you can get better bonus promotions, especially before big fights.

For example, a deposit match-up bonus up to $100 will turn your $100 to $200. Also, this kind of promo codes allows twice the betting and thus twice the chances of getting it right for Canadian players.

Sports betting sites excel in providing you with good promotions. You’ll find excellent bankroll boosters from the top of this page and from our main sports betting bonus list.


Where can I bet on UFC fights online?

You'll find all the safe and legit UFC betting sites here on We've vetted all the sport betting sites who offer UFC betting and give you generous sign-up bonuses & free bets to boot. Each of these gambling sites are trusted and fair sportsbooks you use when betting on UFC fights.

Can you bet UFC in Canada?

Yes, there is issues for the gamblers betting UFC in Canada. It is 100% legal to place a bet at an online sportsbooks. Although, it is still technically illegal to run a sportsbook, individual sport bettors have nothing to fear when betting on UFC or any of their other favorite mixed martial arts sport.

How do betting odds work UFC?

Betting on UFC works the same as in every other sport. For example, if Fighter A is the favourite at -150. This means that in order to win $100, you would have to bet $150. So in the same fight, Fighter B is a +200 underdog. This means that you would only have to bet $50 to win $100.

Can you bet UFC fights online?

Yes, you absolutely can. Click on 'Sports' from the top navigation, open the 'UFC/Martial Arts', then 'Upcoming fights' to check all of the UFC betting odds. Next, click on the bet you want to make, enter your bet amount and click 'Place Bet' to confirm your wager.

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