- Interview with Vytautas Kacerauskas About Wheel of Fortune

author By Henri Ojala on 2021/04/12

BetGames.TV Head of Product Vytautas Kačerauskas talks about the company’s enhanced Wheel of Fortune product currently wowing players

BF: How is the new Wheel of Fortune product an improvement over the older offering? And how have you enhanced the round speed?

VK: There were so many changes! From the scenery with enhanced visual effects, the background music, the way of presenter works in the studio, the full-screen mode (‘mobile first’ approach) to the wheel itself. We haven’t changed the round speed as yet, but it’s definitely on the table and something we’re currently discussing – we want our players to get comfortable with the new set-up before speeding up the game for more action. There will possibly be more improvements in in-game statistics to come too.

BF: What kind of statistics are now available to players? What effect does this have on play, do you think?

VK: We currently offer data on the last 500 spins, hot and cold numbers (most and least frequent), odd vs even, low (under9.5) vs high (over9.5) and the split by colours. Every player can decide on their own approach – either to trust in the most frequent patterns or to bet against it!

BF: How does a mechanical engine work with creating an RNG?

VK: That’s a good question. Our long-term partners created the new wheel with the highest quality and the RNG device was examined and approved by the gaming industry’s leading testing and certification company. So when comparing this kind of device to a traditional hand-spun wheel, it is independently and professionally verified to generate outcomes in a fair and dependable manner.

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