Mega Vault Millionaire Free Spins

Mega Vault Millionaire is a popular slot machine with a 96.92% RTP. It’s a perfect Microgaming progressive jackpot slot to use your deposit bonus money. Mega Vault Millionaire is an all-new progressive jackpot slot game that is expected to play with heavyweights like Mega Moolah. It’s a new Microgaming progressive jackpot slot has stirred up a lot of attention among online casino players and it has the potential to become a casino classic.


See the list of best online casinos below for the Mega Vault Millionaire free spins online.

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Mega Vault Millionaire Bonuses

There are multiple Mega Vault Millionaire free spins offers Canadian players can receive from You can get up to 150 Free Spins just for $10. Zodiac Casino offers 80 Free Spins for $1. Claim a casino bonus at one of the Casino Rewards casinos and enjoy playing Mega Vault Millionaire progressive slot.

Here are the best casinos for Mega Vault Millionaire Free Spins:

  1. Grand Mondial Casino – 150 Free Spins for C$10.
  2. Yukon Gold Casino – 125 Free Spins for C$10.
  3. Captain Cooks Casino – 100 Free Spins for C$5.
  4. Zodiac Casino – 80 Free Spins for C$1.
  5. Casino Classic – 40 Free Spins for C$1.
mega vault millionaire free spins

Mega Vault Millionaire has 4 levels of progressive jackpots. The value of each jackpot increases with every spin.

Top Mega Vault Millionaire Casinos

Casino Classic is the best Mega Vault Millionaire Casino. They have a great deal for Mega Vault Millionaire slot: New players can claim one 40 free chances with $1 deposit. You should take advantage of this promotion. It’s the best offer to test the Mega Vault Millionaire slot. We’re also expecting No Deposit Free Spins on Mega Vault Millionaire to become available in Canada. Casino Rewards casinos offer Mega Vault Millionaire free spins.

Here are the best online casino classics from Casino Rewards group members:

Mega Vault Millionaire is only available on Casino Rewards websites. They’ve created the Mega Vault Millionaire progressive jackpot game in co-operation with Microgaming.

Mega Vault Millionaire Review

Mega Vault Millionaire is a captivating new progressive jackpot slot game that has the potential to create instant millionaires. Each jackpot offers a minimum of $1 million in winnings. The massive 7-figure winning potential is not the only attraction of Mega Vault Millionaire. Just think how amazing it would be to become a millionaire with no deposit. All you have to do is claim one free chance. One spin can change your life forever. When you play Mega Vault Millionaire slot, that is always a possibility.

All of the best online casinos will be offering Mega Vault Millionaire slot on or shortly after the game’s release date of September 26th, 2019. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to play the Mega Vault at non-Casino Rewards members, like Captain Spins or Lucky Days Casino.

Mega Vault Millionaire Slot

Whether you’re looking for a chance to win big or simply want to enjoy some fun slot spinning action, Mega Vault Millionaire is all the rage. This Mega Moolah-powered progressive jackpot makes it possible to become a multi-millionaire, all for $0.25 CAD. Canadian online players won’t be able to access Mega Vault Millionaire at just any Canadian casino. This progressive slot is exclusive to casinos that are members of the Casino Rewards network. Even though only Casino Rewards network are offering Mega Vault Millionaire, there are plenty of casinos in Canada that are included in this group.

Mega Vault Millionaire Progressive Slot

Experienced Mega Moolah players understand that spinning progressive slots isn’t just about winning big, but also about enjoyable gameplay. Just as Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot is fun to play, the same goes for Mega Vault Millionaire.

Spinning on the Mega Vault Millionaire is piquing the interest of players with its:

  • Crystal clear graphics and fun millionaire theme
  • Potential for free spins at Casino Rewards casinos
  • Easy-to-follow rules, similar to Mega Moolah
  • Small minimum bet with high winning potential

Mega Vault Millionaire progressive slot game has the power to create millionaires and become one of the casino classics. The biggest feature of Mega Vault Millionaire is the Mega Jackpot. What’s best, you can become millionaire with no deposit! After 1 Free Chance to Become an Instant Millionaire promotion, every chance for a lifechanging spin will costs only $0.25. Just imagine spending a measly quarter and walking away with millions!

How to Play the Mega Vault Millionaire Slot

Playing Mega Vault Millionaire slot game is easy. Since it is powered by Mega Moolah, the game play rules are every similar. When you play Mega Vault Millionaire, bonus features include bonus wheel, for example. And just like Mega Moolah progressive slot, spins feature 5 reels, 3 symbols per reel, and 25 pay lines. Here are a few more basics to get you started on Mega Vault Millionaire slot game:

  • Minimum coin size: $0.01
  • Maximum coin size: $0.05
  • Minimum coin bet: 1 per pay line = 25
  • Maxumum coin bet: 5 per pay line = 125
  • Minimum CAD bet: $0.25
  • Maximum CAD bet: $6.25

Let’s do a quick recap on progressive jackpots.
Understanding how progressive jackpots work is essential before spinning on Mega Vault Millionaire 5 reel slot game. Unlike traditional Micrograming reel slots like Immortal Romance, this progressive slot game works by progressively increasing in winning potential every time someone spins, similar to Mega Moolah progressive slot.

Because the winnings on progressive jackpots increase each time someone plays, this means that the potential to win big is always there on Mega Vault Millionaire. Just take Mega Moolah progressive jackpot as an example. The largest Mega Moolah jackpot starts at 1 million and grows every single time someone spins. Once a player lands on the Mega Moolah jackpot, the value resets at 1 million. Mega Vault Millionaire slot game works in the same way.

The Progressive Jackpots of Mega Vault Millionaire

There are 4 levels of jackpots on the Mega Vault Millionaire progressive slot. Winning combinations and bonus features of the game are very simple to understand. The largest one – the Mega – is the jackpot that offers the largest reward. But the other 3 jackpots can still be quite lucrative. Each of the 4 progressive jackpots on Mega Vault Millionaire starts at a minimum value and grows in size every time someone spins.

  • Mega Vault Millionaire: Mega Jackpot Starts at $1,000,000 million dollar
  • Mega Vault Millionaire: Major Jackpot Starts at $10,000
  • Mega Vault Millionaire: Minor Jackpot Starts at $100
  • Mega Vault Millionaire: Mini Jackpot Starts at $10

The 4 levels of progressive jackpots start at the value listed above, but there’s a good chance that the amount you win will be greater than that value. Of course, that is unless you win an Mega Vault Millionaire jackpot right after another player has won the same jackpot.

If you play in Canadian currency, your winnings will be in CAD, not another random currency. Later we’ll talk about the the best online casinos offering spins on Mega Vault Millionaire with full support of CAD.

Spinning the Jackpot Wheel on Mega Vault Millionaire

Unlike other jackpot games, Mega Vault Millionaire does not require players to land on a specific winning combinations of symbols in order to win big. The Wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol in the game. Wild symbol is the most profitable symbol in the game as well.

Since the Mega Vault Millionaire bonus spins feature is randomly activated, gaining access to the jackpot bonus wheel could happen at essentially any time during gameplay. However, this excludes free spins feature rounds. Once the bonus round begins, that’s when the fun really starts. Once you get the extra spins, the Mega Vault Millionaire Wheel of Fortune appears, featuring multi-colored segments. Each segment represents one of the 4 Mega Vault Millionaire jackpots.

The majority of Mega Vault Millionaire segments will be allotted to the Mini jackpot, the next largest amount to the Minor, and the next to the Major. The Mega jackpot will be represented by only one segment, which makes sense since it has best offer for the greatest prizes.

When you play the Mega Vault Millionaire and see the Bonus Vault Wheel, all you have to do from there is make your spin. Bonus Vault Wheel is the most amazing feature of Mega Vault Millionaire. Whatever the arrow is pointing to once the bonus wheel stops spinning shows what you won.

“Congratulations You Have Won $X amount” will appear on the screen. If that number following the million dollar sign is 7-digits in length, your life will be changed forever from online gambling.

mega vault bonus round

What is the fastest way to become a millionaire? To get lucky in Mega Vault Millionaire, we would say.

Strategic Tips for Spinning Mega Vault Millionaire

The chances of winning big on Mega Vault Millionaire are certainly there. But you might be torn between betting big and betting small. Well, it turns out that either strategy has the potential for a large payout. It’s entirely up to you on which strategic path you choose. Free Spins features are not limited to high bet gamblers. During Free Spin sessions, all winnings are tripled.

If you land on the gold key you have unlocked the mega vault. Silver key is a bit dissapointing, but still a great wins can be won.

Placing Maximum Bets
This is pretty obvious, but the higher the stakes, the higher the chance of winning. Players who place high amount bets have a greater possibility of walking away a winner.

Placing Low Bets
Betting the maximum isn’t the only option. When you bet low on Mega Vault Millionaire, you’ll receive a greater amount of spins with your gambling funds.

It’s extremely common to assume that in order to win big, you need to bet big. This statement sometimes applies, but it’s not a rule of thumb that needs to be followed. Some of the biggest Mega Moolah winners walked away from the game as multi-millionaires, all by placing $0.25 bets.

Playing Mega Vault Millionaire on Mobile

The question on everyone’s mind is whether or not Mega Vault Millionaire is a mobile-friendly game. The answer will bring a smile to your faceโ€ฆ Yes, playing Mega Vault Millionaire on mobile devices is possible. And you don’t need a Mega Vault Millionaire app for it.

As long as Mega Vault Millionaire is being accessed on a mobile-friendly online casino, playing on a smartphone or tablet should be no problem at all. Most real money online casinos in 2023 are 100% mobile-friendly and provide gameplay on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

progressive jackpot slot canada

Winning nice pots is equally possible on mobile.

Expert’s Take: Mega Vault Millionaire has the potential to create millionaires

Playing Mega Vault Millionaire is fun and exciting. It has the potential to become one of the most popular slots in Canada. It’s a brand new and slightly different slots game but it also has similar popular features of other progressive jackpot slots.

When you play Mega Vault Millionaire you can feel the adrenaline kicking. The best part is that you’re always one spin away from big wins and possible even becoming an instant millionaire! Good luck!

Last updated: 2022/08/29


What is Mega Vault Millionaire?

Mega Vault Millionaire is a captivating new progressive slot game from Microgaming with a massive jackpot of a minimum of $1 Million! This fun new slot game is powered by the popular Mega Moolah.

Where can I play Mega Vault Millionaire slot?

Mega Vault Millionaire is a Casino Rewards exclusive slot. You can play the game at every Casino Rewards online casino in Canada.

Can I get no deposit spins for Mega Vault Millionaire?

Unfortunately, not. The best offer you'll get is the Casino Classic's 40 free spins for $1.