Starburst Slot Machine - Canada 2019

Starburst is a slots game that is both visually attractive and easy to understand, so it's not surprising that it's the most popular slot game on the internet. It's now available Canada-wide, too, as the great NetEnt made its games available for all Canadians in May 2019.

Below you'll find the online casinos offering Starburst for Canadians.

Starburst is a slots game that is both visually attractive and easy to understand, so it's not surprising that it's the most popular slot game on the internet. It's now available Canada-wide, too, as the great NetEnt made its games available for all Canadians in May 2019.

Below you'll find the online casinos offering Starburst for Canadians.

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Starburst Casino of the Month June 2019

First Casino to Offer Starburst Canada-Wide - Huge Bonuses
  • Get $1000 in deposit bonuses + 122 free spins
  • 22 no-deposit spins on Book of Dead right on sign-up
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Starburst Casinos in Canada June

Featured Casino
10 No Deposit Spins on Immortal Romance
  • Instant free spins on sign-up, $1000 first deposit bonus
  • 100% 1st deposit match - $10 minimum, $1000 maximum
Interac Interac + 4 more ways to deposit
$200 Bonus + $10 Extra Cash
  • Minimum Deposit $10
  • 11 No-Deposit Free Spins on Sign-up!
Interac Interac + 6 more ways to deposit
$300 1st Deposit Bonus - $1500 in Total
  • Get 300 Fire Joker free spins with your 1st deposit
Interac Interac + 6 more ways to deposit

Starburst Slot

Starburst was launched by NetEnt in 2012. Its mix of simple gameplay, high payouts, and exciting sounds & colours made it into a smash hit only months after its release. It’s the most iconic game from the biggest online slots provider in the business, NetEnt.

Starburst’s vibrant gems and traditional symbols pay homage to the golden era of gaming. Nostalgic as it is, its developer NetEnt has still injected enough exciting sounds and visual effects into the gameplay to keep players excited and engaged.

It also features expanding wilds and the ability to win both ways (right to left as well as left to right), both of which increase payouts compared to similar games on the market.

starburst online slot

Simple yet elegant, Starburst is a slots game that has captivated the world.

Here are some quick facts about Starburst (CAD amounts based on EURCAD rate of exchange in June 2019):

  • Reels: 5
  • Symbols per reel: 3
  • Paylines: 10, but effectively 20 with the ability to win both ways
  • Payout percentage: 96.09% of bets are returned to players
  • Hit Frequency: 22.7%
  • Minimum coin size: $0.015 CAD
  • Maximum coin size: $15 CAD
  • Minimum bet: $0.15 CAD
  • Maximum bet: $150 CAD

Starburst does not offer the option of betting on individual paylines. When you wager, you automatically bet one coin on all ten lines.

This game provides a great deal of flexibility for gamers of all budgets. You can risk one coin for a minimum outlay of $0.15 CAD, while high rollers can chase huge scores by betting a maximum of $150 CAD per spin.

On the other hand, it’s almost too easy to bet your entire bankroll in a single go. Always ensure you are betting an amount you are comfortable with before clicking the spin button.

Lastly, Starburst’s hit percentage is quite low, with only 22.7% of spins resulting in a win. However, this is offset by bigger payouts when you do hit. If more frequent (smaller) wins are important to you, check out Mega Moolah, as it pays out on 47% of spins.

Here’s a Starburst review video, so you’ll see how glorious the game looks like in action. It’s a really unique looking online slot and pictures don’t do justice to it.

How to Play

Like other real money slot games, you don’t need to bother with strategy to win big at Starburst. All that’s required is a bankroll, the ability to click a mouse, and a whole lotta gamble.

Starburst rejects over-the-top graphics, and instead uses attractive traditional symbols and tastefully done ‘big win’ sequences. Just select the level of play you are comfortable with (those on a budget should select 1 while high rollers can jack it up to 10), select a coin value between 0.01 and 1, and hit spin.

If a minimum of three symbols line up, you win money. Of all the gems, the yellow ones are the most valuable, but 7s and BARs (120 and 250 coins for five symbol wins respectively) offer the biggest wins.

Want to try Starburst before dropping your hard-earned cash into it? NetEnt offers a free version of the game on their servers, which can be found here.


Starburst offers a couple features of note. The biggest is its expanding wildcard – spin a starburst symbol on any reel, and it will take over it entirely. Not only does this complete any winning combos, but it also triggers a free re-spin, which can win you even more money.

Secondly, Starburst is a ‘win both ways’ slot game. Combos aren’t just read left to right; lines of at least three symbols running right to left are awarded coins as well. While there are only ten paylines in Starburst, this effectively ‘doubles’ the ways you can win.

However, this game does lack one key feature. Unlike most slot games, scatter symbols are absent from Starburst. This contributes to its low hit frequency, and it also means no free spin rounds. Bummer.

Starburst on Mobile

Love to game while on the go? You’ll be pleased to learn Starburst has a NetEnt Touch version. This allows any supporting online casino to offer Starburst to customers who prefer to play slots on their phone or tablet.

The following mobile devices support NetEnt Touch, and therefore, Starburst:

  • All iOS devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone, etc)
  • All Android devices (e.g. Samsung, Huawei, LG, etc)
  • All Windows devices (Microsoft, Acer, Alcatel, etc)

NetEnt touch games used to only run on iOS devices, but a working version was developed for Android soon after. A few years later, support for phones & tablets running Windows OS was added.

Essentially, almost any mobile device on the market (apart from Blackberry-powered devices) should be able to run Starburst.

Canadians can’t find a real-money Starburst app in the Google Play Store or Apple’s App store. This is because Canadians don’t have gambling apps for global online casino games or casinos available.

Starburst Bonuses

Currently you’re best served getting Starburst bonuses in the form of deposits bonuses. Here are some of the best Starburst deposit bonuses for Canadians:

  • LeoVegas: $1000 Extra
  • JonnyJackpot: $1000 Extra
  • Videoslots: $210 Extra

All of the casinos above offer Starburst for Canadians, and you can also use the bonuses to play Starburst. Some casinos restrict the games you can play with your deposit bonus money, but luckily casinos welcome players to play Starburst with their deposit bonuses.

Starburst No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are getting tougher to find these days. However, some quality ones can be found if you’re persistent.

A couple of casinos are currently dangling no deposit free spin promotions, but none of them are for Starburst just yet. For the time being, you’ll get to choose a slot title or use ’em on a popular slot machines like Book of Dead, Immortal Romance or Vikings.

  • Rizk: Minimum 10 no deposit spins
  • LeoVegas: 22 no deposit spins
  • Dunder: 20 no deposit free spins

There are the Starburst no deposit free spins available to customers outside Canada, but currently no casinos has taken up Starburst as their no-deposit free spins game. This is likely to change in the near future as NetEnt games, and Starburst, will become available for more and more online casinos.

starburst slot review

This must be what they really mean when they say “the stars were lined up”

Starburst Free Spins

Currently you can’t get free spins addressed specifically for Starburst in Canada, but you can use your deposit bonuses and treat them as if they were free spins. Basically you can get a huge amount of Starburst free spins if you just play your deposit bonuses and treat them as free spins.

Given that the average value of each free spin is $0.1, you’re looking at massive amounts of Starburst free spins if you cash in on the LeoVegas deposit bonus (worth $1000) or the one at JonnyJackpot (also $1000).

The best thing about getting free spins in the form of deposit bonuses, is that you can set the stakes yourself. Just don’t go over the limit per spin for wagering requirements and you’re golden. This limit per spin is usually $5 each spin.


What’s the maximum bet in Starburst?

€100 ($150 CAD as of this writing) is the most you can bet while playing Starburst. To do this, max out your playing level (10) and your coin value (1.00) – good luck!

What’s the return percentage?

Starburst returns 96.09% of all wagered funds to players over the long run. In the short run, though, hot and cold streaks can produce huge winning sessions and extended losing streaks that depart from this game’s expected value.

Is there a progressive jackpot in Starburst?

No, Starburst is not a progressive jackpot game. If you want to chase after a life-changing score, play games like Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune.

How much can I win playing Starburst?

50,000 coins is the most you can win in one Starburst spin. A budget player playing on level 1 with minimal coin value (0.01) will net $750 from the nailing the ultimate spin (15 BAR symbols).

A high roller on level 10 who has maxed out his coin value stands to win $760,000 by hitting the exact same spin.

Can I play Starburst for free?

You can. NetEnt hosts a play money version of Starburst on its website. Check it out and you’ll see why the rest of the world has become obsessed with this game.

Best Starburst Casino June 2019

Right now the best Starburst casino is LeoVegas. They were the first casino to give all Canadians the opportunity to play Starburst.

The best part is, they’re much more than just a pioneer. They’ve got the quickest mobile platform online, and they offer some of the biggest casino bonuses in Canada. Give them a go, you’ll get instant 22 no-deposit free spins right on sign up.

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