FanDuel Sportsbook Ontario Review

As much as Americans like to joke about Canada being America’s hat, our economy is no joke. So, soon after Ontario legalized online sports betting, big American-based online sportsbooks raced to plant their flag in the Great White North.

So, when April 4th, 2022, dawned, FanDuel Sportsbook was open to eager Canadian bettors. This is huge – over the past decade, they’ve consistently delivered a first-class online betting experience in 17 American states.

But will they offer the same product to Ontario players (or will they fall short)? Below, we’ll break down how FanDuel Ontario is looking post-launch.

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FanDuel Sportsbook is now available in Canada. You can bet all your favourite sports and teams!

FanDuel Ontario Sportsbook Review

FanDuel Sportsbook is one of the most popular online sportsbooks in the United States. The company was founded by Nigel Eccles, Lesley Eccles, Tom Griffiths, Chris Stafford, and Rob Jones.

After looking at the industry, they saw an unmet need in online sports betting and decided to start their own company. In 2009, FanDuel went live, and in doing so, they helped, along with DraftKings, thrust Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) into the mainstream.

Today, this company is headquartered in New York City, and offers not just DFS but sports betting in 17 states (and DFS in 41 states). And as of April 4th, 2022, we can add Ontario to that list (but not DFS, as it has yet to be approved)!

When looking at FanDuel Sportsbook Ontario, you’ll notice that it looks just like their American sites. This is a good thing, as their American site is a dream to navigate.

The centre of the page contains that day’s top games and events, while the left sidebar allows you to find sports events that aren’t highlighted. And on the right side is your bet slip, where you can keep track of your singles and parlays.

Overall, FanDuel has a clean and user-friendly interface, regardless of whether you’re betting on your desktop or mobile device.

🏆 FanDuel Sportsbook Ontario
💲 Minimum Deposit C$10
💱 Wagering Requirements TBA
⚖️ Regulated By Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO)
📱 FanDuel Sportsbook Ontario Android & iOS
⌚️ Withdrawal Time Depends on the payment method
📆 Launch Date April 4th, 2022

FanDuel Ontario Ontario Betting App

With the introduction of legal sports betting in Ontario, the FanDuel Ontario app is now available for Android and iOS devices. Here’s what we like/dislike about it.

Pros & Cons of the App

positive item icon
Quick withdrawals

positive item icon
Sportsbook is integrated with FanDuel Ontario's casino platform

positive item icon
Offers same-game parlays

negative item icon
Underwhelming promotions

negative item icon
Limited selection of non-team sports

As FanDuel has evolved, it has moved beyond Daily Fantasy Sports. In 2019, they got into sports betting and where legal, casino games. So it’s no surprise that the FanDuel Sportsbook app also offers casino games in Ontario.

So if the match you’re watching has gone into intermission, you can amuse yourself by playing some slots or blackjack. And if you win, you can quickly withdraw your money using the app. For some methods, it’ll only take two hours for funds to hit your bank account.

But FanDuel Sportsbook Ontario isn’t without its warts. It doesn’t offer much beyond team sports and popular individual sports. And as we’ve already alluded to, their promotion offering pales compared to their competition.

How to Download

You can download the FanDuel Ontario app quickly and simply. To begin, follow these steps:

  1. Create your account on FanDuel Ontario.
  2. iOS users can download the FanDuel Ontario app from the App Store.
  3. Android users can download their app from the Play Store.
  4. Log onto FanDuel Ontario, deposit, and begin wagering on sports!

Once you have FanDuel Ontario on your mobile device, this app will transform your sports watching experience. Not only will single wagers be available, but so will in-play betting, same-game parlays, and cash outs.

We’ll get deeper into that, but first, let’s talk about the sports markets that FanDuel offers.

Sports Markets Offered by FanDuel Ontario

As a famous American sportsbook among other industry greats such as BetMGM and BetRivers, you can count on FanDuel Ontario to cover team sports like football and baseball. But as you might expect, there’s extensive coverage of all things hockey.

Since hockey is practically Canada’s national sport, that’s not surprising. So you won’t just find NHL games to wager on, but also the CHL, AHL, and even international leagues.

And if you’re looking for non-team sports markets, you’ll find them here too. But the selection is limited to just a few individual sports like golf and tennis. Things aren’t 100% perfect, though – when it comes to exotic markets, Australian Rules and cricket are about as wild as FanDuel gets. Lacrosse, which is actually Canada’s official national sport, is NOT included in FanDuel’s markets.

FanDuel Ontario Sportsbook Odds

As an industry leader, FanDuel Sportsbook offers odds that, at minimum, compete with their rivals like BetMGM Sportsbook. But often, you’ll find lines that beat smaller books, so keep your eyes peeled.

When you get started on FanDuel, be aware that Vegas-style odds are displayed by default. So if you’re not familiar with how these work, read on. In short, the higher the plus number is (e.g., +200), the bigger the underdog. And the higher the minus number (e.g., 200), the bigger the favorite.

But how do these numbers relate to your wager? Let’s say you wanted to bet on the Maple Leafs to beat the Senators. The odds are currently -200, so you’ll need to bet $200 to win $100.

Now, if you wanted to bet on the Senators, the odds would be +200. So a $100 wager returns $200 in profit if they win.

Keep this in mind as you shop lines – the higher a plus number is, the more you stand to win. But it also means that pick is less likely to win, so don’t get carried away!

Betting Options / Bet Types

FanDuel is a significant player in the American betting landscape. And so, you’ll find most major betting options on their platform. These include moneyline wagers, spread bets, and over/unders.

But FanDuel Sportsbook offers more than that, as in-play betting, props, and futures are all on this site’s menu.

But what if you’re new to sports betting? If you are, don’t worry about the exotic stuff – instead, focus on the basics. So let’s start with moneyline bets – this is a wager that picks one team to win outright. When betting on a favourite, you’ll see negative odds (e.g., 200) and positive odds for an underdog (+200).

Then, if you want to spread your wings a bit, give spread bets a try (see what we did there?). To win a spread wager, your side needs to win by a certain number of points. So, for example, if the FanDuel Sportsbook lists the spread as +1 on the Maple Leafs against the Senators, the Leafs would need to win by at least two goals for your wager to be successful.

Finally, give over/unders a shot. This bet is placed on the total number of points/goals scored in a game. So if the over/under for a hockey game was 5.5, you could pick either the over (expect more than five goals) or under (expect fewer than five goals).

FanDuel Ontario offers the following betting options:

  • Moneyline
  • Parlays
  • Spread Bets
  • Prop Bets
  • Over/Unders
  • Futures
  • In-Play (Live) Betting

Banking Options

FanDuel Ontario has several deposit/withdraw options for residents of Ontario, which include the following:

  • Credit/Debit Cards (Visa/MasterCard)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Interac E-Transfer
  • PayPal

While FanDuel Sportsbook offers several deposit/withdrawal options, you may encounter issues with bank transfers. Regrettably, some Canadian banks (including TD and RBC) may decline transactions for online betting sites – FanDuel included.

Therefore, we recommend using an Interac E-Transfer or PayPal to deposit and withdraw funds on FanDuel Ontario. These methods are fast, secure, and reliable – and you’ll avoid being hassled by some banker with an agenda.

Customer Service

FanDuel Sportsbook offers 24/7 customer support via FAQs, live chat, and email. To access the FAQ, click the “FAQs” link in FanDuel’s footer menu. You may need a magnifying glass to find it, though, as the text is tiny. On the FAQ page, though, we liked its comprehensiveness and the search bar. Because of this, it’s possible to find the answer to many common inquiries here.

However, if the FAQ doesn’t solve your issue, contact FanDuel via live chat or email. We strongly suggest live chat, as email turnaround can be 24 hours or longer.


While it isn’t perfect, FanDuel Sportsbook is an excellent option for anyone looking to bet on sports in Ontario. It has all the major sports betting markets, and it offers highly competitive odds. And just like its American counterparts, this site/app is a dream to navigate.

However, we do have a few gripes with FanDuel Sportsbook. We can’t talk about their welcome offer specifically, but we will say that it lags behind the pack. And if you want to bet on things like eSports, floorball, or Celtic hurling, you’ll be out of luck.

But if these issues don’t matter to you, you’ll be happy betting with FanDuel.

FanDuel Ontario Sportsbook Ontario FAQ

Is FanDuel Sportsbook Ontario legit?

Yes, FanDuel Sportsbook has a license from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) to operate in Ontario. To maintain this license, they must adhere to strict regulatory guidelines – these rules safeguard player deposits and ensure the fairness of games, among other things.

So, for these reasons, we consider FanDuel a safe and legitimate site for sports betting in Ontario.

Does FanDuel Canada have an Android app?

Yes. The FanDuel Sportsbook app is available for download on Android devices through the Google Play Store. First, scroll to the footer menu at the bottom of FanDuel's homepage to find it. Then, under FanDuel apps, click "Sportsbook (Android)."

This link will take you to the Play Store to download FanDuel Sportsbook Canada's official mobile app.

Is Fanduel Sportsbook available in Canada yet?

Yes, FanDuel Sportsbook Canada is open for business, but it's only available in Ontario as of May 2023. We'll let you know when it becomes available in other Canadian provinces.