Avatarux - Variety Is the Spice of Life!

author Written by Shallyn Goodhead on October 06, 2020

AvatarUX introduced its Popwins™ series earlier this year featuring a new mechanic that enables a winning streak to continue to significantly increase player engagement. The latest addition to the series is being launched this week so BonusFinder caught up with AvatarUX's Managing Director Marcus Honney to talk about the new game and why variety is a must in slot creation.

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You recently introduced your Popwins™ series and two games have already been released – Could you tell us a bit about that?

Popwins™ series kicked off on the 7th of April 2020, upon the release of our first game in the series, PopRocks™, following that WildPops™ was released on the 9th of July, and on the 6th of October we will be launching the 3rd of the series Cherrypop™.

poprocks slot avatarux

Poprocks has amazing win potential. You can win up to 72,188x your stake!

Popwins™ is something unique to AvatarUX, essentially it is a game mechanic, that allows your winning streak to continue. In other words when you spin a win, your winning symbols each "pop" and expand the winning reels vertically area by 1 extra symbol, per symbol. This continues until no new wins occur, increasing game play and engagement.

Where does the inspiration for your slots come from?

Our game inspiration comes from classic online casino slots, with a modern flair, every game has its own theme. With PopRocks™, the theme is mythical with precious rocks that pop! With Wildpops™ the theme is more imperial Asian theme, with Cherrypop™ the theme is very retro 90's neon.

What's your main focus when developing a new game?

Without a doubt our focus is equally focused on math, quality graphics, UX and certainly customer engagement. We listen a lot to our customers and streamers (a fast play option appears for the first time as a result) and take on any feedback we received between games. We want to ensure that our games are engaging!

How do you best ensure that your slots appeal to beginners, intermediate, and more experienced players?

Variety is the spice of life! We aim to bring a flare of something unique to the table with each and every game, and this is not limited to the theme of our games but even more so an evolution of the Popwins™ mechanic and other game features.

What do you think are the key factors that make your games appreciated by players?

We've had a lot of great feedback about the Popwins™ mechanic in general, our solid Math models allow the mechanic to drive stickiness and elongate game play. Each spin drives not only an opportunity to win but an extension to your game play. This on top of the classic wilds, multipliers and big wins attributes to a unique game play experience.

What is your own personal favourite title in your portfolio (or a competitor if you prefer)?

Cherrypop™ is definitely my favourite so far, but it wouldn't be so unless we had the previous two in the series, as it's definitely a strong testimonial of everything we've been working on and more.

What is the most important aspect of the game from your perspective?

With Cherrypop™, apart from the previous Popwins™ mechanics mentioned we've also added freespins, an interactive video 'gamble wheel' and a buy-bonus feature which is available in markets that allow such game play features. Adding these features illustrates clearly how the PopWins™ mechanic allows us to evolve our games with new features in each release based on a popular and familiar mechanic.

What can we expect from AvatarUX in the coming months? Any exciting upcoming titles?

Absolutely, we will be launching two new titles in the Popwins™ series by the end of 2020.

We have Cherrypop™ launching on the 6th of September and BountyPop™ set to launch on 30th November.