- Interview with Vytautas Kacerauskas About Rock Paper Scissors

author By Henri Ojala on 2021/03/26‘s Vytautas Kacerauskas talks to about the company’s latest hit – Rock Paper Scissors.

Q: They say the best games are the simplest – it seems odd with that in mind, nobody has done Rock, Paper, Scissors before. How did you arrive at the concept?

A: The general idea to create a Rock Paper Scissors game for a live dealer studio had been on our table for a couple of years. We wanted to create a game that is well-known globally and this most definitely fits that bill – it may go by different names in certain areas, but it retains the same principle. There are some variations, but the basic game is iconic and one of the most popular social games in the world and that is the main reason why we went with it.

We were thinking at one stage about offering different formats (including dice or a mini lottery) but due to regulatory concerns and the need to maintain the game’s speed, we decided to go with custom cards.

Q: The game is played with a live dealer and a deck of 24 cards, eight of each type; how does the house edge work if each card has a 33% chance of turning up?

A: The margin is in the odds. It is up to the operator to adjust it to the level that is the most appropriate (compared to other games or sportsbook). As a default, we recommend going with a RTP of 95%.

Q: What is the difference for players between betting in the silver zone and the gold zone?

A: The odds. Or, as we refer to it, risk vs reward. In the Silver Zone, players win less and receive their stake back in the case of a draw. Betting on the Gold Zone pays more for wins but gives back just a portion of the stake in the event of a stalemate. Both zones have the same margin (default 5%) but as mentioned before, the difference is in the pay-outs for draws and wins. The game is configurable per partner and per zone offering flexibility for the operator.

Q: What have you done to make the experience visually appealing?

A: We have a great UX/UI team in-house and brought in an experienced third party to build the studio. We don’t use standard templates – our products certainly not copy and paste – we always strive to build exclusive, bespoke solutions to maintain our position as a pioneer in the industry. That being one of our key priorities as a top-tier supplier, I can reveal that we are planning to refresh several other games to enhance their visual appeal.

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